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  • august book list

    my august book list

    If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know I LOVE reading. It’s something I try to do every single day. It helps me relax, it’s good for my mind and it’s good…

  • mimosas and pumps lifestyle blog

    a little positivity for your weekend

    Happy Friday and happy St. Patrick’s Day to all those that celebrate it! Before you all jet set off into the weekend, I wanted to end the work week on a positive note. Over the…

  • mimosas and pumps lifestyle blog

    a little outdoor wedding inspiration

    I love weddings; everything about them. I’m a lover of outdoor weddings. There is something so magical about a lit, twinkly light outdoor space. It makes my heart swoon. Recently, one of my best friends…

  • mimosas and pumps lifestyle blog

    how i balance social media and email

    One thing I’ve been working on A LOT in my life is balance. Especially, when it comes to social media and emails. I feel like I (we) spend SO much time on social media and…

  • mimosas and pumps lifestyle blog

    how to overcome a fear of change

    Hello, Friday you beautiful beautiful day. I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! Mine was super productive and very inspiring (lots of ideas going around in my head). I wanted to share a video…

  • mimosas and pumps lifestyle blog

    8 tips to help you fall asleep

    I don’t know if it’s mostly just my generation, but man do we ever enjoy staying up late. I can’t tell you the number of times I hear “I’m tired”, every day. I never hear…

  • mimosas and pumps blog

    letting go of the negative thoughts

    Hello, you beautiful people. Just last week I launched a new blog post after months and months of not writing. I was very proud of the blog post and got a lot of good feedback…

  • mimosas and pumps

    a few of my favourite things

    Hello, middle of the week! Does anyone else think this week is flying by so far? I certainly do. So, today, I wanted to share a few of my favourite products within the beauty/health area….